All Things Carhartt

All Things Carhartt

Surprise, surprise, our family is decked out in Carhartt a lot of the time (especially in the winter months)! I'm going to give you the run down on what I would recommend for your whole family! 


Joey wears the "relaxed fit pant" for work every day. After testing out what felt like a hundred pairs of pants, he figured out that these are the most comfortable. And, I like them because they last the longest. (Pro tip, get the darker colors because they don't show all the grease and oil stains as much!)


He also loves ALL the water repellent sweatshirts. He has them for work, and casual. The best part about these is you have the option to buy them in tall version if you have a longer torso.


Lastly, he is always wearing some form of a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt depending on the weather. Again, he wears them for work, and every day life. They have the option between heavyweight and lightweight. AND they have a pocket. Which is arguably the best feature. 

Carhartt Men's Black Loose Fit Heavyweight Long-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

Carhartt Men's Basil Heather Carhartt Force® Relaxed Fit Midweight Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt


For the kids we have an array of everything from shirts, to bibs. Our most used items are their hats. We have a full drawer of them so they're easy for the kids to grab when they go out to do chores, or go to school. When they're done with them they throw them in the laundry, I wash them, and then they're just like new! 
Carhartt Youth boy,toddler girl,toddler boy Carhartt Brown Kids' 50th Anniversary Knit Beanie


The girls are on their second year of this set of bibs. I bought a size up so we could get extra use out of them. The minute it gets below 30 degrees for chores the bibs go on, and you'd be surprised at how warm the kids stay. 

Carhartt Youth boy,child boy Carhartt Brown Kids' Canvas Bib Overall


I wish I would've learned this with the girls, but my favorite socks for littles are Carhartt! They don't slip off, and they can't pull them off (Ford does not like wearing socks or shoes, and he has yet to figure out how to get these socks off). 

Carhartt Unisex,youth girl,youth boy,child girl,child boy Navy/Black Heather Kids' Midweight Camp Crew Sock 6 Pack



You guys see me wearing my Carhartt shirts, and hoodies all the time, but I also love my hat! These are especially nice as it gets colder and I don't want corn dust in my hair, or to be honest, just didn't have time to spend time on my hair, so I cover it up! I have it in the blackberry color, and it's perfect for now showing the dirt!

Carhartt Men's Ash Rose Canvas Cap


The duck insulated liner jacket is hands down the warmest jacket. I've had this for years, and it's still holding up. The best part about looking at all their options for coats is they have a rating system to let you know how warm they are!

Carhartt Women's Navy Women's Loose Fit Washed Duck Insulated Active Jac - 3 Warmest Rating



Overall, my favorite thing about Carhartt is how long everything lasts. I know the girls' coats will be able to be passed down to Ford once they're done with them as well as the bibs. We use and abuse our outer wear in the winter, and if Carhartt can hold up for my kids I can confidently say it's worth every penny.