Our Story


Charlie and Ann Recker, purchased the dairy and hog farm in 1963 and raised their six children during that time. In 1988 they sold the farm to Joe’s father, Craig, and his wife Susan. Craig and Susan milked dairy cows until 2008 when they made the decision to sell the cows and focus on raising beef cattle.

Joe and Cara moved out to the Recker family farm in early 2020. Joe has been working full time with his dad since graduating college and a few years later they bought into the operation in 2018. They are the third generation to be farming on the home place. 

When feeder steers are purchased they typically weigh between 600-900 pounds. The breeds consist primarily of Black Angus with cross breeds (Charolais and Red Angus). Black Angus is what is sold to customers. The cattle are fed a high moisture corn, earlage, hay, mineral mix and a distillers ration once a day. We consider each steer ready to be sold around 1,500 pounds.

It is important to Joe and Cara to have the kids heavily involved in day to day farm life. With the kids being younger, they wanted a safe alternative for them to be involved with the animals. They decided the perfect addition would be the Katahdin Sheep and laying hens. The sheep are grass fed through the summers, and get homegrown hay through the winter months. Corn is supplemented as a treat through the colder seasons. The lambs are ready to be sold around 100 pounds. 

We are proud to have the opportunity to serve you high quality beef and lamb that we take pride in raising.