Gift Guide for Adults

Gift Guide for Adults

If you're struggling to come up with gift ideas for your significant other, I've got you. Joey and I sat down and talked about some of the items we use daily, and some things that we would just enjoy. Let's jump into it and start with the ladies!

First up, 

The Era from Brumate. I literally use this EVERY day. It fits in cupholders, is spill proof, and has a handle. You can get it in different sizes also! You do have to preorder it, but even if it comes after Christmas it is 100% worth the wait. (Also, I know that some local stores carry Brumate. So definitely check with them before placing your order!)

Product image


We all know how much I love Bogs. My family is decked out in them, so you truly can't go wrong with any of them, but lately my favorites have been the AMANDA II Tall. I have them in green, and they are very comfortable and light weight. On the days where it's cold and I have to run errands these give me a little extra warmth, and with tall socks they're fashionable!


Amanda II Tall (Adjustable Calf) main image.


Who doesn't love a good pair of socks in their stocking? I personally love Carhartt socks. I have the tall socks, and have the quarter socks on order, and can't wait to wear them! they don't fall down, and of course keep my feet warm.

Carhartt Men's Carbon Heather Carhartt Force® Grid Midweight Merino Wool Blend Quarter Sock


Loopy Cases are my can't live without. I've tried using a regular case but end up dropping my phone 10x more. The loop also makes it nice to prop it up if I need, and also gives me a reason to turn my screen down when I'm inside so I don't see everything coming across and I can focus on my family. 



Lastly, I am a huge lover of gift cards. Whether it's to go get a massage, get my nails done, coffee, or my favorite boutique. This is one of the huge ways you can help support your local businesses!


Now, for Joey's favorites that he uses all the time. (Believe it or not, a lot of these things you can get at Theisens - for you locals :) )

When we were talking about what he uses the Dewalt Radio was one of the first things that was brought up. We only have it as a blue tooth radio, but he said he would love it if he could have bluetooth plus AM/FM. It's perfect for working in the shop, or if we're outside.

Bluetooth Cordless Jobsite Radio.


Crocs. Now, you may think this could be one for the whole family, and while you're right everyone in our family has them, Joey is the BIGGEST fan and has had them long before any of us. He has two pairs. One for outside, and another for inside. I don't allow shoes in the house, so this is a good compromise. 



All time favorite clothing around here is Carhartt. But while I love their socks, Joey can't get enough of their Rain Defender Sweatshirt. He can wear it no matter what the weather and he stays warm. They're the most heavy duty sweatshirt out there.

Carhartt Men's Oak Brown Rain Defender® Loose Fit Heavyweight Hoodie


This is for the guys that are outside a lot in the winter. Wells Lamont gloves (without the velcro - per Joey). They're simply his favorite.

Men's Grain Pigskin Leather Palm Gloves


Let's talk about what local gift cards you can get for a guy. We have a local business that sells archery accessories. They're favorite local restaurant where they love to get lunch at. A local golf course. And if they're already a member somewhere maybe get a gift certificate to another one to switch it up a little! 


If you have any other good ideas for gifts let's hear them!