Kids Christmas List

Kids Christmas List

I always struggle with gift giving. Especially for the kids. I get excited to give them gifts, and then I find out it was a year too soon before they actually appreciated the gift, or they weren't as excited as what I thought they would be. So I wanted to put together a list with things that my kids actually love, and have used for more than just the few days after it was brand new (if you're a parent you know what I mean). 


First up is the Container Store, Elfa Coloring Table. We've had this going on 3 years, and it is still a huge hit for our family! It has the option to buy the paper roll, and I would 10/10 recommend. That way there's no fighting over coloring books, you have the whole table covered in paper, and the kids go to town! The Delta Bistro chairs are the perfect size to fit the table! The color I have is no longer available, but I LOVE the aqua option!'-mesh-coloring-table/d?q=art%20table&productId=11014751



In the winter we play lots of card games! Something the kids have loved the last few years is "Memory"! I like this version because the little cards are durable, and It's perfect for all ages. It helps the little ones work on their colors, and helps those fine motor skills.


We have been doing a ton of puzzles in the colder months when we can't go outside. The giant floor puzzles tend to be the favorite. Especially this John Deere one! Don't get me wrong, we have dinosaur, and a ballet on also. But the kids all seem to like to do this one the best! 


John Deere Kids’ Floor Puzzle – Extra Large 3’ x 2’ 47281


The biggest hit from last Christmas was when the girls opened up a kids Echo Dot. Not only is it a sound machine for them at night, but they have ALL the dance parties in their room, and it will read them stories, plus play learning games with them. (Their favorite game right now is Akinator.)


Willow loves wearing long cozy socks to bed when it's cold. As silly as this may seem, this is the PERFECT stocking stuffer. She especially likes the bright colors, or fun designs. Old Navy has a ton of options for socks, but these are right up her alley! 


Cozy Marled-Knit Boot Socks 2-Pack for Girls


 We've been using Kiwi Co for years now. In the winter months I'll start my monthly subscription, and as it gets nicer out I will turn it off, or do the 6 month option. This is something that's nice to have a family member get your kiddo! This year Willow is moving up to the Kiwi Crate from the Koala Crate, and I can't wait to see what she'll learn! They have subscriptions available from 0-12+. Each crate comes with a story as well as instructions for the parents on how to guide the kiddos through the activities. 

Young Chemist (3-Pack) product image 4


Sometimes our house gets really quiet and I walk around trying to find out what kind of mischief the kids are up to, and I find them all together in Ford's room playing with his farm set along with his barn. A few years ago we had a friend build us a toy barn, and it is played with every single day. It's big enough for medium sized tractors to fit in it, and the top opens up so you can reach inside. There's sliding doors on the front, and sides. It's truly one of their favorite things to play with. There's no exact replica of what we have, but here's an idea of what to get, or have someone build you that your kids will play with for years!

Handcrafted Toy Barn image 1



And of course we love all the toy farm equipment! Our favorite place to shop is at Tomy Outlet! If you're not local their website has the essentials you need.



We spend a lot of time outside. Even on the cold or rainy days we typically head over to our shop so the kids can burn some energy off. Their go-to's are always their bikes. With the girls we started them off with training wheels, and Willow within a year was wanting to learn to ride without them. Ford we started off on a balance bike, and I wish we would've done that for the girls. With that being said, Ford has outgrown his first balance bike he got for Christmas last year, and will be getting a new one this year since it's used so much. And I just know this one is going to be a hit!



Two words, walkie talkies. My mom got a super cheap set a few years ago for the kids, and they still play with them to this day. The best part is, they don't need to be fancy. They all do the same thing. 


FOREDOM J388C Walkie Talkies for Kids Long Range with Flashlight



The girls are big into arts and crafts. So while I was doing some looking around to see what they would like, to my surprise I found my favorite project from when I was a kid! Remember when everyone would have the beaded animals on their book bags as a key chain? I found a kit. And I have a feeling Christmas Day we are going to spend it putting all the key chains together and adding them to their collection on their book bag.



We read books all the time. Especially before bed. All Spring and Summer the girls and I started to break into chapter books. We read Ella's Diaries by Usbourne. For Christmas they'll be getting the Junie B. Jone's series (this was one of my favorites at their age, and I can't wait to read it with them). Some other recommendations for older kiddos are The Magic Treehouse, Danny's Doodles, and Study Lewis. 


All three of the kids enjoy coloring. Most days when we get in from chores the first thing they grab are coloring books, and crayons. Willow has recently started loving more challenging things that make her think. I found "color by numbers", and I think this is going to make a great stocking stuffer!


To go along with the number theme, last Christmas a cousin of Joey's introduced me to Sticker By Number books from Target. While last year they needed some help with finding numbers, this year they'll be able to do these by themselves, and work on their number recogniztion!


Obviously, I love all things farm for my kids, especially Ford. This set is perfect and portable! You can bring it to ball games, family events, or even just outside to get some fresh air.


Can you ever have too much farm? Ford is constantly wanting to farm like the his dad and grandpa and the girls are also along for the ride. Their favorite thing after this fall is filling up the wagon with "corn" just like dad in the combine! (This combine only comes with a bean head, but I will link a combine with a corn head below also. Warning - it is massive and awesome at the same time!)


1:32 John Deere Combine Harvesting Set

Ertl Big Farm 1:16 John Deere S690 Combine with Cornhead & Daper Head - 47101




We're almost a month out from the big day. Make sure you plan accordingly with shipping times. I always keep a running list for what I send to family, and have them let me know what/if they purchase anything from the list so I can remove it to help not get duplicates with Santa gifts. Also, find a good hiding spot! You could use a friend's house, your parents, or another family member, or even an attic! 


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!