St. Patrick's Day Food

St. Patrick's Day Food

I'm not sure how, but it's March! We have so much happening this month. Between get togethers, and local parades. One of them specifically being our area's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade! 

Every year we have all of our friends and family over after the parade. Normally, everyone brings snacks and we all just kind of binge on food all day. This year I want to take a step further and make one or two traditional Irish meals. Here are some of the options I'm thinking of!



Irish Stew: Every Irish Stew recipe I'm finding is a little different, so I may go off of a couple and make my own. But one thing I do know is I would use Recker Farms Stew Meat to make my life a little easier!

Corned Beef & Cabbage: The most well known meal for St. Patricks's Day. To get the best corned beef I would use Recker Farms Brisket for the good fat content to make a tender meal.

Irish Lamb Stew: This is something I would want to cook all day to get the house smelling magnificent. I would grab a Recker Farms Leg Of Lamb (probably boneless for convenience). Add in some fresh veggies and potatoes, and bam! A delicious meal!

Beer Braised Lamb Shoulder: Using my two favorite things in the kitchen, Dutch oven and my cast iron, I'd cook Recker Farms Shoulder Chops up and keep it on the stove all day!

Reuben Irish Nachos: Recker Farms brisket is key, but so are potatoes. This would be served on a platter and would be an easy grab and go!

Corned Beef & Cabbage Tacos: I am a sucker for tacos! The Recker Farms Brisket would be amazing in a taco, and I could make them small sized for everyone to grab!



What do you think? Should I do one lamb dish and one beef? All lamb or all beef? What would you like to see at a party?