Thank a Farmer

Thank a Farmer

Yesterday was Farmer's Day. 

It was not a day celebrated with balloons, cake, or a card. It was quite the opposite. It rained most of the morning, and the guys were chomping at the bit to get back into the field to combine. By late afternoon the sun was shining, and the equipment was running. They got done a little after 9:00, and started right back at it again this morning.

What's amazing about farmer's is while they should be receiving all the praise for helping feed our country, they don't expect it. When they've worked 90-100+ hour weeks, they should get that weekend off, but they don't. When equipment breaks down at 5:00 they fix it, and then continue to work until the job they were doing is finished. They have a hard outer shell, and that's what keeps them going.

If it's the dead of winter and waters are freezing the farmer's are out there breaking the ice for the livestock. When it's hotter than hades with no end in sight the farmer is doing multiple checks on the livestock to make sure they're all ok. When the farmer helps a struggling ewe give birth only for the lamb not to make it they're upset. While the farmer has a hard outer shell, they have a soft heart. 

So, there was no party or cake yesterday. There were lots of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok posts thanking a farmer. But instead of thanking them just one day of the year. Let's try and thank them more often. When you sit down at the table, thank a farmer. When you follow a tractor on the road (even when you're in a hurry) thank a farmer. 


Always thank a farmer.