Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Guy

Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Guy

We're a week out from Valentine's Day. If you're a last minute shopper, like me, I have some gift ideas for you for your guy ladies! 


Of course, I'm going to start it off with a Recker Farms gift. Because we're running a spectacular Anniversary sale right now, and who would be disappointed by amazing quality beef, pork, or lamb!


You can create your own little bundle to give that's $100, and then receive a $10 gift certificate, so he can come back and choose something that he wants on top of what you buy!

Something small that I like adding on to a gift is something we use multiple times a week. It's a thermometer that has a magnet so it sticks to your fridge. This way I can make sure the center of anything is done, and it's made cooking so much easier!


Of course Bearded Butcher's is such a fun gift to give to any guy. I know I always rave about their amazing seasonings, but besides that they also have cutlery that makes preparing meat 100 times easier!


Joey has LOVED using our Precision Cooker to Sous Vide from Anova. The tenderness of the meat is crazy, and it's so fun to learn a new way to cook! (This has become one of our favorite things to do on a Sunday!)


If your significant other loves guns as much as my husband does this is something he got for himself, but would make as the PERFECT gift. A gun vise. Making life a little easier while they give their firearms a little TLC.


A few years ago I got Joey a new tackle box. But, when I think of tackle box I think of one like what was on the Andy Griffith show. Hard and plastic. Now, however, they're pretty awesome. Lots of storage compartments, and easy to sling over your shoulder and carry. I can't find the exact one he has, but here's one that is similar, plus a back pack one I found that would be perfect!